THANK YOU FATHER – (Matina “Gracias Padre”)

Disco: “Gracias Padre”
Letra y Música: Maite Zuazola “Matina”

Thank you Father
You always make me smile
Thank you for trusting me
I give you all my life
Thank you Father
for blessing all my days
I thank your forgiveness
I tell You when I pray

Oh thank you for family
for friends and people with whom I live
Eternal Father heavenly
You´re Lord of kindness and misery
our Father truly

Father I think of You
You´re always on my mind
Only You Know well what happens in my heart
Father I wonder why
can´t understand your plan
Only know that I trust You
get lost in your sea of life

Oh Father, give us so much love
thanks for Jesus our Savior
Oh Holy Father glorious
thanks for calling us children of love
Worthy Father, You are my God
Oh Father, give us so much love
Thanks for Jesus, our savior
Oh Holy Father, glorious
God of mercy, your Kingdom come
Our Father, your will be done

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